City Council

Function of the Council
The City of Snohomish operates under the council-manager form of government. The council-manager form consists of a seven member elected City Council, which is responsible for policy making, and a professional city manager, appointed by the Council, who is responsible for administration of the City. The City Council is responsible for the legislative function of and the overall vision for the City.  The Council directs the City through the City Manager and adopts ordinances and resolutions, sets policies, approves contracts and budgets, and appoints individuals to boards and commissions. 

The mayor is a member of the council and is selected by the city council. The mayor presides at council meetings and is recognized as the head of the City for ceremonial purposes, but has no regular administrative duties.

City Council members are elected to four-year terms and serve part-time and do not maintain office hours at City Hall.

Council Meetings

  • 7 p.m.
  • First and third Tuesday of each month
  • George Gilbertson Boardroom
    Snohomish School District Resource Center
    1601 Avenue D
    Snohomish, WA 98290
2016 Snohomish City Council
2016 Snohomish City Council

Council Members

The City Council is made up of the following community members:
Access council agendas for details on meetings.
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