1. City Clerk

    Review the role of the city clerk in the City of Snohomish.

  2. City Manager

    Read about what it is that the city manager is responsible for in Snohomish.

  3. Economic Development

    Find out about the economic development occurring within your community.

  4. Engineering Services

    Explore the responsibilities of the Engineering Services Department.

  5. Finance

    View available financial information of Snohomish.

  6. Fire District #4

    Explore what makes up Snohomish Fire District #4.

  7. Employment

    Current job openings and employment application process for the City of Snohomish

  8. Parks & Volunteer Programs

    Browse the services provided by the Parks and Volunteer Programs Department.

  9. Planning & Development Services

    Explore the Planning and Development Services Department to learn more about their duties.

  10. Police & Public Safety

    Find out about your local law enforcement agency's role in the community.

  11. Public Works

    Read through the responsibilities of the Public Works Department.