Current Development Projects

Active Projects In Review

The active projects map is updated periodically to reflect land use applications currently in review.  Contact the Permit Center with questions about a specific project, at 360-282-3156.

Active Projects Map

The active projects map is updated periodically to reflect where development is proposed or in progress throughout our community.

Active Projects map thmb
Click on the image above to see a larger map.

Permit Activity Reports
The permit activity reports contains information about building and development permits applied for and issued in the city during the specified week.

Permit Types:  Following is a list of codes that corresponds to “Type” in the activity reports.  For information on permit types not included below, please contact City staff.

A/C:  Commercial Alteration
A/R:  Residential Alteration
BLA:  Boundary Line Adjustment
C/I:  Commercial Industrial
(new structure)
CIVIL:  Site Civil Construction
CUP:  Conditional Use Permit
DEMO:  Demolition


FP:  Final Plat
FSP:  Final Short Plat
GRADE:  Grading permit
MFR:  Multi-Family Structure (new structure)
PLAT:  Preliminary Plat
PRD:  Planned Residential Development

S-Plat:  Preliminary Short Plat
SEPA Environmental Review
 Single Family Residence
(new structure)
SLP:  Shoreline Permit
T/I:  Tenant Improvement
VAR:  Variance
VARm:  Minor Variance