Inactive Garbage


If you anticipate this property being vacant for longer than 30 days, you are eligible for Inactive Rates. Inactive Rates only apply to properties that are vacant for longer than 30 days and show no water or sewer consumption.

Please fill out the inactive rate form. Inactive rates do not go in to effect until this form is received at City Hall.
Inactive Rate Form
Inactive Rate Electronic Form

Snohomish Municipal Code 8.12.080 Vacancy Credits – Residential

Single dwellings and multiple-dwelling accounts shall be eligible for vacancy credits for any vacancy of thirty days or longer. Credits shall not be computed for a fraction of a month, but will be rounded off to the nearest multiple of thirty. The City will provide a vacancy credit application in the event the City operates the utility, and the contractor will provide a vacancy credit application in the event a contractor operates the utility. No credit of less than two dollars will be given for any one billing period. Persons filing vacancy credit applications found to be false shall, in addition to any other penalties, be ineligible to receive future vacancy credits.