Child Safety / Resources


You can make abuse/neglect reports directly to Child Protective Services.
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has information about child safety and exploitation.

Teen Drinking and Drugs

The Snohomish Police Department and Snohomish School District created an informational power point for parents about drug use. The Foundation for a Drug Free World has additional information and resources Additional information may be found at Project Know Understanding Addiction. You can also contact an officer for assistance.


Children can easily become victims of predators on the internet. ConnectSafely is a resource for parents to mentor their children in safe use of the internet, including social media.

Finding Help for Your Child

Children in Washington that are under age 18, and having problems following parental rules, using drugs, failing to attend school, or running away are considered At Risk Youth. Denny Youth Center can assist you with an At Risk Youth Petition.