Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch works. It helps reduce the risk to you, your family, and your home. It also reduces fear, which can sometimes be as harmful to a community as crime itself. Neighborhood Watch is built upon the notion that crime prevention is a shared responsibility. Deputies are paid to work full-time against crime, but citizens also need to get involved:
  • To report crime and suspicious activity when they see it
  • To get acquainted with their neighbors
  • To take away the opportunity for crime to occur in their neighborhood

Neighborhood Watch is based on this concept of cooperation. When a concerned community does its part, the results are positive—and the possibilities are endless.

Neighborhood Watch . . .
  • Reduces your risk of being a victim of crime
  • Trains you how to observe and report suspicious behavior
  • Gets you acquainted with your neighbors
  • Keeps you informed of criminal activity in your area
  • Creates a connection to the deputies who patrol your neighborhood
  • Teaches you how to address neighborhood nuisances
  • Gives you a greater sense of security Empowers and strengthens your neighborhood