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File #06-15-CUP, Wireless Facility
Construction and operation of an unstaffed wireless facility consisting of seven cabinets and one 30 kW natural gas generator, within a 750 square foot addition to the northeast portion of the existing Boys & Girls Club building.  12 panel antennas and associated equipment and accessories are proposed to be installed on a 100-foot monopole, which will extend from the building addition.  The facility will be designed to accommodate collocation of two additional cellular carriers. 

BALLOON TEST:  A balloon test was conducted on September 10, 2015, to view the proposed height of the tower at various locations.  A four-foot diameter helium balloon was raised in the proposed wireless facility location at altitudes of 100 feet (proposed tower height), 80 feet and 60 feet, in order to evaluate the potential height impacts.  City staff documented the test with photographs from various viewpoints in the vicinity of the site.  Scroll to the bottom of this page for an interactive map of the test results, as documented by City staff.  The photos are also compiled and linked in the list of record documents below.
Balloon Test Interactive Map
Different altitudes are displayed as different color icons (red = 100ft / orange = 80ft / green = 60ft).  Click an icon to display a pop-up with the photo taken from that location.  Click the photo to see it enlarged in a new browser window.  Please note, because photos were taken of various altitudes in the same location, some icons will display on top of others.  Where multiple photos were taken from the same location, "1 of 3" will display above the image.  Click the arrow button to see the other photos.