Hal Moe Pool Site Master Planning

The City welcomes your input on planning for the Hal Moe Pool site. You are encouraged to review the background materials available on this page. Previous discussions and presentations are listed below regarding the building and its potential repurposing.

Agendas and minutes from the Hal Moe Pool Advisory Committee meetings are also available on this page.

For more information or to submit ideas and suggestions, contact Denise Johns, Project Manager.

View a slideshow of existing conditions at the Hal Moe Pool site.

An RFP for design services was published on October 6, 2016. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for more information.

2013 0127 HalMoebldg

Hal Moe Pool Advisory Committee

The committee was appointed January 2016 by the Mayor with City Council's Consent. The advisory committee's mission is to make recommendations for a wide variety of compatible uses which support citizen need and are affordable and feasible.

Appointed members of the committee:

Kristel Armes
MaryPat Connors
Bob Dvorak
Marta Grunsky
Jerry Hautamaki
Laura Huntington
Shane Smith
Lya Badgley

Images from Conversation Cafe Session

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The Hal Moe Pool site is located in the city's Pilchuck District. The applicable development regulations can be found at this link.