Parks Naming Committee

The ad hoc Parks Naming Committee

The City believes designation of names for parks and parks and recreation facilities should be approached with deliberation and community engagement.  So on January 19, 2016, City Council approved Resolution 1338 establishing policies and procedures relating to the naming of parks.

The City Council, with the advice of the Parks and Recreation Board is authorized to designate names of parks, recreation areas or facilities from among names submitted by an ad hoc Naming Committee.

The ad hoc Naming Committee consists of:

  1. Lya Badgley, Parks Chairperson
  2. Kathleen Hope, Snohomish, WA
  3. Denise Johns, City staff and committee support person
  4. Mike Johnson, City Public Works Services Manager
  5. Richard Patton, Snohomish, WA
  6. Steve Schuller, Deputy City Manager and Public Works Director
  7. Lynn Schilaty, City Councilmember


  1. Angela Allen, Everett, WA
  2. Jami Rentko, Snohomish, WA

As described in resolution 1338, the Naming Committee procedures will include:

  1. Meetings as necessary, may elect its own Chair and the Public Works Director will provide staff support.
  2. Use of news media, City Newsletter, web pages, and appropriate signage to solicit suggestions for names from organizations and individuals.
  3. After considering suggested names and applying criteria set forth below, the Committee will recommend names to the City Council and provide the historical or other supportive information as appropriate to justify the recommendations.

Also resolution 1338 provides a City’s policy to choose names for parks and parks and recreational facilities based upon the following criteria, in no particular order:

  1. Names unique to the neighborhood and community.
  2. A natural or geological feature.
  3. Names of historical or cultural significance for the community.
  4. A historical figure; or individual (deceased for three years minimum) who has made a significant contribution to the City; or gave their life serving the United States of America in military service.
  5. As required by purchase agreement.

The Parks needing permanent names are:

  1. 11 Lincoln Avenue, current placeholder name ‘20 Acre Park’
  2. 2000 Ludwig Road, current placeholder name: ‘2000 Ludwig’
  3. 1103 Maple Avenue, current placeholder name: ‘1103 Maple’
  4. Block located between 2nd and 3rd Streets and Pine Avenue and Centennial Trail, current placeholder names: Averill Youth Complex, Averill Park (includes Hal Moe Pool, Tillicum Kiwanis playground, Snohomish Skate Park, and Snohomish Boys and Girls Club).
  5. Unaddressed Lake Avenue property, current placeholder names: Harryman’s Farm, Harryman’s Farm Park.  Property to be named after the Harryman family using a name such as Harryman Park, Harryman Farm Park, or Harrymans Farm.

The City hopes you will participate in helping the committee learn more about our soon-to-be-permanently-named parks!  To participate in the naming process, please fill out the Parks Naming Form and submit before January 15, 2017.

Please contact Denise Johns via email or by phone at 360-282-3195.