Planning & Development

  1. Plans & Projects

    Find out about proposed and approved construction projects happening around the City.

  2. Engineering Services

    Explore the duties of the Engineering division.

  3. Annexations

    View information about annexations to the City and how they are processed.

  4. Historic District

    The Historic District and Historic Preservation Board were established by the Snohomish City Council for the purpose of “…contributing to the social, cultural and economic welfare of the citizens of Snohomish by developing an awareness of its historical heritage, returning unproductive structures to useful purposes and attracting visitors to the City and in order that a reasonable degree of control may be exercised over the site development and architecture of the private and public buildings erected therein..."

  5. Comprehensive Plan

    View information about the City's Comprehensive Plan, and learn how amendments to the Plan are processed.

  6. Pilchuck District

    The Pilchuck District was adopted by the City Council as a subarea in September 2011. The area is envisioned to appear and function as a traditional, compact, and walkable neighborhood, an “urban village," within the context of the larger Snohomish community.